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[08 Oct 2002|08:38pm]

billy and chuck are not as cool any more i dont like the whole openly not gay thing god keep some things to yourself man not every one whats to know that sick hetero crap
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[09 Oct 2002|12:35pm]

Smackdown isn't on here anymore. The bastard cable people can't afford to renew their contract.

I have to download Smackdown from IRC just to see billyandchuck.
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Chuckabilly Interview. [13 Sep 2002|12:32pm]

Chuck and Billy are fucking everywhere this week. They're even talking about it on CNN!

Larry King is sexually atractive.

Billy_and_Chuck_on_The_today_show!Collapse )
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Chuckabilly Interview. [13 Sep 2002|12:29pm]

Billy_and_Chuck_on_Howard_SternCollapse )
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[09 Sep 2002|01:52pm]

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tag team for life [08 Sep 2002|01:07am]

oh my god a same sex relationship angel and tag team for life i mean wow thats a big step for the wwe haha thats so fucking cool man i cant wait
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BIlly..... [26 Jul 2002|12:23pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I'm new here & I have one question:

Why do Billy & Chuck have to be the gay duo? I don't understand this whole concept.

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[12 Jul 2002|12:26am]

No update for 2 months?
what the he.... heck is wrong with me?

anyway, heres some drunken ramblings. I know it's not goin to make sense but who cares? it's late, I'm tired and I'm writing about wrestling.

why did chuckabilly have to drop there titles to Hulk Hogan and Edge?
people all over the internet seem to happy about that. Happy that Chuck and Billy finally lost the gold, happy that Hulk Hogan is actually winning.

well I'm not.

I'm damn pissed off.

Hulk and Edge have only teamed together a couple of times. It's not fair to let them take the titles from a team thats been together since last year. Hogan is an old man, he doesn't deserve tobe in the ring with someone the likes of Billy Gunn who for 10 years has given the WWF/WWE all he had. Dumpster matches, Hardcore mathches, this guy is to me anyway, a legend. he's been in the WWE longer than any wrestler other than The Undertaker. He has been part of 2 of the greatest and most influential tag teams in the history of pro wrestling, obviosly one of them is Billy and Chuck the other one, the New Age Outlaws wich was not only part of arguably the biggest faction the world of wrestling has ever seen (D-Generation X) but they gave some of the greatest matches of all time. remember their fued with Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie? how about there Dumpster Match at WrestleMania 14? in my opinion that is one of the best tag matches I've ever seen.
and while Chuck is relitively new, he's had some great matches in WCW he's also had a few good ones in WWE. Chuck should be seen as the future champ he was in WCW not just a gay tag team wrestler.
In conclusion, I'm a stupid wanker and I don't know what i'm talking about. (also I didn't mean it when I said Hulk doesn't deserve to be in the ring with Billy).

did anybody actually read that?
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SD! [30 May 2002|02:19pm]

"Also, the odd couple of Rikishi and Rico defend their Tag Team Championship against Billy & Chuck. Will this be the night that the blonde duo win back the Tag Titles? Find out on UPN's SmackDown!"
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[27 May 2002|01:45pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

because I'm lazy, I'm just going to post some Billy and Chuckl pictures. from SmackDown!Collapse )

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WWE JUDGEMENT DAY! [21 May 2002|02:48pm]

Tag Team Championship
Billy & Chuck vs. Rikishi and a partner to be named later.

Billy, Chucky and Rico make there way to the ring.

Rikishi is out next, but who will his partner be?

Rikishis partner is RICO!!

Billy and Rikishi in the ring.

Rikishi's fat behind almost cost Chuckabilly the win.

Rico accidentaly nails Chucky with the spin kick.

Rico doesn't know what to do.

Rikishi pics up the win.

New champions, Rikishi and Ricoshi!

Chucky and Billy are shocked.

Rikishi dances as he leaves the ring.

Rico is still part of the Tag Team Champions.
Chucky and Billy will probably get a rematch.
Chuckabilly loosing their titles.
Rikishi's arse.
Rico's sideburns. (no, not really. they reek of awesomeness)
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Rico, chico. [14 May 2002|02:22pm]


He had to have 23 facials to get the stink of Rikishi's arse off his face.
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im back [06 Apr 2002|01:01pm]

well, it's been a while since I posted anything here.
its not like it matters, nobody reads this.
It's just not the same since Billy and Chuck started wearing other colors, the traditonal red kicked ass and the should never have changed it, the black was ok but the yellow and all the other colors they've had all suck.
So Chuckabilly are on smackdown now, I have a feeling they will lose there titles to raw at backlash though, with smackdown braking up its only other established tag-team(zoo-crew) and raw trying to start up new ones (perfect & bossman) it just seems inevidable.
They also have a manager/stylist now, Rico Constantino.

-The artist formely known as molotov_gore
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WM X8 [21 Mar 2002|12:52am]
the contenders
</i>Tag Team Elimination Match - Bily & Chuck vs The APA vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy boyz.

Saliva are playing the Dudleys new theme as they make there way to the ring first, APA out next followed by The Hardy boyz and then our Tag Champs, Chuck & Billy.

Chuck is in the ring with Bradshaw, Chuck tries for a cross body but is caught by Bradshaw. Billy knocks bradshaw over. would have been a three count if the referre would do his job. Bradshaw nails Chuckl with a suplex and tags in the afro king farooq.
Chucky Clotheslines Farooq down and tags in Billy. C&B kick the shit out of Farooq while the ref is distracted by bradshaw's scary hair.
near fall, powerslam by farooq and a tag to Bradshaw.
Bradshaw takes his bootes to Our Champs. and DDTs Chuck. Billy tags to D-Von.

Bradshaw gets the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL on Billy and Billy does the flip thing like only he can(and also rikishi). Dudleys with a 3D on the Boring Texan and the 3 count is 'academic'. say goodbuy to the APA.

The Hardys take it to C&B & The dudleys. D-von and buh-buh are setting up a table outside the ring. back inside the ring, double DDT on chuck and the hardys baseball slide the dudleys who are still outside the ring.
Jef and buh-buh get in the ring and 'battle it out' for a bit. jeff with Whisper in the wind on buh-buh. Jeff takes of his shirt to reveal that he hasnt seen the sun in 30 days and 30 nights. Stacey gets up on the apron and shakes her ass like the stank ass ho that she is. Jeff slaps her ass, Kisses her and pushes her off the apron.
Buh-buh holds Jeff Hardy on his shoulders so Billy can clothesline him from the top rope. Buh-Buh nails billy with a "buh buh bomb'. Jeff gets adropkick in but D-von whips JH into a buh-buh back drop for a long 2 count.
BBR Dudley locks Jeffy in a sleeper and tags in his half brother. D-Von with a clothesline. punches in the corner and a suplex from D-Von. near fall, tag to Buh-Buh.
BBR whips jeff into the corner and he is stuck hanging upside down. buh buh goes to the top and stands right on Jeffs nuts. matt runs in and knocks buh-buh outside.

Matt hits BBR dudley with a couple of clotheslines then a DDT. Matt throws buhbuh over the rope, knocks billy off the apron. Buh Buh misses the leg drop like he always does so Matt goes for his leg drop. almost a 3 count but BuhBuh maneges to get out. Buh-Buh scoop slams Matt for the top rope headbut. Dvon is on the top rope but billy pushes him off the rope and through a table. Matt with a TWIST OF FATE, Jeff with a SWANTON. 3 count. you wont be seing the dudley boys for a while.

Chucky runs in and hits the jungle kick Super Kick for a 2. Billy throws Jeff over the rope. Billy tries the one and only on Matt but it is reversed. Poetry in motion on both C&B, Matt with the TWIST OF FATE and jeff with the SWANTON. Billy with a FAMEASSER on Jeff. Matt clotheslines bily over the rope while Chuck unsucsesfully tries for a pin. Chuck complains to Mr. Referee whil Billy hits jeff with the bell for a 3 count.
Your Winner and STILL WWF Tag Team Champions of the World: Billy And Chuck!
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[21 Mar 2002|12:17am]
I missed smackdown so I will just post the results I stole from rajahwwf.com.

Jeff vs. Billy vs. Bubba vs. Bradshaw
-All four teams for the upcoming Four Corners Tag Title Match come down, but this is a Fatal Fourway Singles Match, with only one pinfall. It'll be Jeff vs. Billy vs. BuhBuh vs. Bradshaw, with Billy and BuhBuh starting off. Headlock by BuhBuh, then a shoulder block. Knockdown punch by BuhBuh, who starts with the corner chops. Billy ducks a chop and tags in Jeff. Clubs to the back by BuhBuh, but Jeff hits an armdrag, then another, then a dropkick. Front dropkick by Jeff, followed with the 10 Punch, but BuhBuh pushes him off. Neckbreaker by BuhBuh, but Jeff is able to hit the Whisper in the Wind. Bradshaw tags himself in and BuhBuh out. BuhBuh hits Bradshaw with a neckbreaker and Jeff pins 1-2-broken by BuhBuh. Clubs to the back by Bradshaw. Jeff tags in Billy, but Bradshaw hits a shoulder block and a sideslam 1-2-broken by BuhBuh. Billy ducks a clothesline, but Bradshaw catches him and boots BuhBuh down. Bradshaw holds Billy's legs, and Jeff hits the Wassup Headbutt! BuhBuh comes back in and hits the BuhBuh Bomb. Elbow drop after elbow drop by BuhBuh 1-2-shoulder up. Straight punches by BuhBuh. Bradshaw 'buckles BuhBuh and Superplexes him down. Bradshaw tags Billy in. Billy with punch after punch, but BuhBuh hits the Bomb and tags in Jeff. Clotheslien by Jeff, then the double leg drop. Tornado DDT by Jeff 1-2-broken by BuhBuh. BuhBuh knocks Bradshaw off the apron, then back body drops Jeff over the top. Bradshaw comes back in and hits BuhBuh with the Clothesline From Hell. Billy hits Bradshaw with the FameAssEr and gets taken down by Jeff. Jeff goes up, but Chuck pulls Billy away and Jeff's Swanton misses. Billy rolls back in and pins 1-2-3! While an brawl breaks out on the outside, inside, Lita hits Billy with the Litacanrana, then attacks Stacy. As Billy and Chuck escape, the three other teams all battle with each other, with not even a truckload of refs able to break them up

-Straight up stolen from rajahwwf.com
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VOTE! [16 Mar 2002|11:49pm]
Take a poll about the WWF tag team title match at WrestleMania X-8!

What match should be for the tag titles at wrestlemania

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Raw! [16 Mar 2002|11:49pm]
For those who missed raw, Billy Gunn was up against Christian in one on one action.
Billy had the match under control untill that old man DDP hit Billy with the Dimond Cutter. This was, to the best of my knowledge, Billy's first singles loss since teaming with Chuck. also before the match those sluts Torrie, Jacqui and Terri were at WWF New York wearing only there slutty bikinis.

Full Results:
Christian Kicks billy in the face, wich should be illigal, he might ruin Billys perfect Physique. Billy hits a tilt-a-whirl for a 2.
Billy punched Christian into the corner and Splashis him straight to hell!
Christian on the recieving end of a Brainbuster (should be called the Billy-Buster). Christian gets to the outside where he cries and throws a little bitch tantrum! what a wuss.

DDP is helping Christain but Nick Patrick yells at him for interfeering. he is a cheating fool and should be suspended from WWF action for 3 weeks. Chuck helps Christian into the ring because he is so nice. he also might have acidenaly hit him with a clothesline first.
Billy with the FAMEASSER! DDP in and illegaly hits Billy with the DIAMOND CUTTER. Christian on top. Nick Patrick counts the 3.
-Your winner and NEW cheating evil man - CHRISTIAN
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Heat Results [16 Mar 2002|11:49pm]
Sunday Night Heat results:

Chuck VS. Bradshaw.
Chuck and billy walk down to the ring, wearing matching red shirts, with there names on the back and cowboy hats.
Bradshaw like a bitch attacks Chucky right away and nails him with a DDT. Chad Patton, our referee for this match counts a quick 2.
Chucky goes for a cross body but is caught by Bradshaw and is powerslamed!
Chucky with a backdrop, Bradshaw nails chuck with a Big Booot. Chucky knocks Bradshaw out of the ring, It looks like billy hits Bradshaw with a clothesline but he is really just helping him back in the ring.
Faarooq chases billy away. Back in the ring, Chuck nails a suplex for a 2 count.
right hands to chuck, right hands from chuck, right hands to chuck. It's an old fashioned slobber knocker! Back Suplex by bradshaw and both men are hurt.
Referee counts 5 before they get to there feet.
Vlothesline to chuck into the corner and hits him with a suplex. Billy from the outside distracts Bradshaw and Hangmans him on the rope. Chucky almost gets the 3 with a roll up.
On the outside Faarooq is dominating Billy. CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL on Chuck, ladies and gentle man its all over.
Winner of the match and STILL a boring texan: Bradshaw!
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Chuck & Billy [16 Mar 2002|11:48pm]
Chuck and Billy - you just pretend not to like them so you dont get labeled.
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Chuck and Billy - you just pretend not to like them so you dont get labeled.
<align="center"><img border="0" src="http://www.wwfsuperstars.com/billygunn/images/13325"><br>
<img border="0" src="http://www.wwfsuperstars.com/chuckpalumbo/images/35825">
I made a community for all your chuck and billy needs.
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